Welcome to the Archives of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts

The Diocesan Archives is the official repository for historical records, documents and articles relating to the history of the Diocese, which began in 1901. The Archives is located on the second floor at Diocesan House, 37 Chestnut Street, Springfield, MA. The Archives was begun in 2010 and remains a work in progress. Journals of Convention, Council Minutes, issues of Pastoral Staff, and records of the early Bishops are some of the records that have been located, inventoried, preserved and archived. For a complete listing of archived items to date please see the summary of archives inventory.

Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Archives is to identify, collect, classify and preserve materials of historical significance to the Diocese for the purposes of maintaining permanent records and providing access to researchers of publications and other legitimate requests for information. The Diocese does not maintain records of Active Parishes. Contact the Parish directly for records of baptism, confirmation, marriages and burials.


Karen Warren, Archivist at (413) 737-4786, Extension 118; at 37 Chestnut Street, Springfield, MA 01103; or email at kwarren@diocesewma.org Please include your contact information and clearly state the purpose of your request. Accessions of historical value will be accepted at the discretion of the Archivist. Inquiries are welcome!


Access to materials by appointment only.


Collections are used under specific restrictions and may not be removed from a designated area. Access to archival records may be limited by their physical condition. Care must be exercised at all times when handling materials. Use of pens is not permitted, and no food or beverage consumption is allowed.


Summary of Archives Inventories

A Brief History of the Diocese of W. Massachusetts

First Official Visitor to the Diocesan Archives

The Springfield Hospital Chapel Log

Connections and Coincidences

Records Management for Congregations

This manual of records management guidelines is designed for parish officers and administrators, including the custodian of records and archives or the parish archivist. It includes a general records retention schedule, which is a tool that may be modified and adopted by congregations for their particular situation (i.e., a specific retention schedule). In all cases, the vestry or equivalent body of the parish should approve policy guidelines on records management, including records schedules for retention and destruction of church records. Legal counsel should also be consulted, especially if the parish considers a records retention policy in the context of potential or ongoing litigation.