Getting to UMass

Getting to Convention

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Campus Center Parking Garage

The UMASS Campus Center is located on Campus Center Way, off Commonwealth Avenue, across the street from the Mullins Center.  After turning onto Campus Center Way, stay to the left to proceed up the hill.

The garage entrance is towards the top of the hill on the right. Upon entering the garage, drive down to park on Level 2 (you have entered the garage on Level 3). In the garage, follow the signs for Hotel UMass/Campus Center.

On Level 2, you will see the marked entrance for the Campus Center and the Parking Services Office.* There will be ample parking in the vicinity. Enter through these doors.

*If you park on another level of the garage, you should exit via the Southeast or Northeast stairwell and use the outdoor campus walkways to travel to the Campus Center.

Upon entering the Campus Center, travel through the concourse and take the escalators (just past the Information Desk) down to the first floor, where you will find the Convention registration tables. Signs directing you to Convention will be posted. Elevators are also available.

Keep your parking ticket.

​At the registration desk, you will receive a “chaser” ticket which you will use when you depart so no payment will be required.

The Secretary of Convention

Ms. Wende Wheeler


photo of Wende Wheeler