Beloved Community Commission

Racial Reckoning in the Episcopal Church: A Conversation with Stephanie Spellers

Resolution: A commitment to healing the legacy of slavery and racism through an act of atonement

Passed in 2023 at the 122nd Diocesan Convention:

Resolved: that the 122nd Convention of the Diocese of Western Massachusetts directs Diocesan Council and invites the congregations and institutions of the Diocese of Western Massachusetts including the Trustees of the diocesan endowment, and others -- in the name of repentance, reconciliation, and accountability to our siblings of color in our Diocese-- prayerfully and purposefully to explore their historic involvement in and present wealth derived from the forced labor of enslaved people, and to explore remedies including the distribution of funds from our unrestricted endowments and from our restricted endowments as may be permissible in acknowledgment of and repentance for the sin and legacy of slavery.

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