Ordination Resources

Commission on Ministry

  • The Rev. Tanya R. Wallace, Chair
  • Ms. Lucy Bergin
  • The Rt. Rev. Douglas J. Fisher, 9th Bishop of Western Massachusetts
  • The Rev. Deacon S. Jane Griesbach, (ex officio) Deacon Formation Director
  • The Rev. Terry Hurlbut
  • The Rev. Megan McDermott
  • Ms. Wendy Osborn
  • The Hon. Tina Page
  • The Rev. Patrick Perkins
  • The Rev. José Reyes
  • The Rev. Ann Scannell
  • The Rev. Molly C. Scherm, (ex officio) Board of Examining Chaplains
  • The Rev. Dr. Richard M. Simpson (ex officio) Canon to the Ordinary
  • The Rev. Meredyth Ward
  • Ms. Amanda Watroba