Standing Committee

"The Standing Committee is elected by the diocesan convention. Half of its members are clerical, half lay. It serves as the bishop’s council of advice. The Standing Committee is requested to give consent for all bishops elected in the Episcopal Church. It recommends persons for ordination. It gives the bishop advice and consent on the purchase, sale, or encumbrance of any property held by a congregation or the diocese."
An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church

Diocesan Council

"The Diocesan Council is a representative governing body that serves as an oversight governing body between conventions. The Diocesan Council meets regularly to ensure the diocese runs efficiently and effectively by:

– ensuring sound fiscal management and practices
– supporting and reviewing diocesan ministries
– other duties as requested by the bishop or the Diocesan Convention"

[Episcopal Diocese of Maryland]

Diocesan Council Portal

Constitutions and Canons

Read the Constitution and Canons of our diocese.

Diocesan Convention

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