Digital Ministry

Digital Ministry has been an aspect of evangelism for decades, but the COVID-19 pandemic pushed us to rely on technology and expand our commitment to its use. We have learned so much, so fast! Now, we have a time of transition. We can take a breath and wonder a bit about what this leap means for us. Who are we now? Where is God leading the Church? Who is being called to Digital Ministry in our congregations? How can we support one another as the change forced by global tragedy becomes a permanent part of being Church now?

Are you a Digital Minister in your congregation? We want to add you to the list for our monthly Digital Ministers Community of Practice. Email the Rev. Vicki Ix, Canon for Communications.

Hybrid Church with Mike Orr

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Need some Tech Time with Ellen Lincourt?

Ellen is Senior AV Support Specialist at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. She lends her digital skills to ministry at St. Michael’s-on-the-Heights, Worcester and to our diocese as needed.

Ellen held a workshop in 2019 on cell phone videography for congregations. She has the skill and the professional experience to guide is into the next phase of digital evangelism.

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Ellen recommends:

Guide for setting up live stream from your church

Best Hardware for Video: