Parish Stewardship Formation

Stewardship is the way we lead our lives as children of God and as baptized members of God’s household. It is a way of being in the world.

As we see ourselves as stewards of God’s creation and disciples of Jesus Christ, we begin to lead lives of stewardship.

As we become more generous, we experience the grace of God in new ways.

As we become people who give joyfully and thankfully to God through God’s church, we empower the Church for mission and ministry.

Diocesan Contact for Stewardship: The Rev. Vicki Ix

Stewardship Resources

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Legacy Stewardship/Planned Giving

Give your congregation the gift of sustainability

Our lives are deeply connected to our Sunday worship, to the fellowship borne of community and to the ministry done in the name of Jesus.

Our generous support sustains the congregation’s mission now, but we can leave a gift behind that will ensure the vitality and stability of the parish we love.