Earth Day

April 22
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What special Earth Day worship service or event will your congregation offer?

In 2024, on the weekend before or after Earth Day, we invited congregations to gather outdoors in a place that needs healing – maybe a city park, riverbank, or stretch of woods. Bring whatever tools you need (e.g., gloves, trash bags, rakes, shovels). We created a simple, ecumenical outdoor liturgy that can be adapted to your own needs and location. Healing Our Hearts, Healing the Land is a 90-minute, family-friendly liturgy that includes time for walking, outdoor cleanup, and prayer. It could be followed by lunch or refreshments. Invite the public!

In 2025, celebrate Earth Sunday on April 20 or 27. You can find preaching resources in PRAY.

Save the date!

Interfaith Power & Light will hold its annual Faith Climate Action Week from April 18-27, 2025.