Good News Gardens

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In 2021, the Creation Care Leadership Circle introduced Good News Gardens here in the Diocese of Western Massachusetts. The movement was quickly picked up by the Diocese of Massachusetts and it now involves congregations across the Commonwealth.  

This program practices the love of Christ and equips Episcopal churches and all of their members 1) to grow and give healthy food; 2) to reflect on connections between scripture, faith, food and gardening; and 3) to learn about and influence food systems and policies that affect society as a whole.

We are spreading the good news through gardening. Whether you are gardening as a parish, your home, or somewhere in your community, you are invited to join the movement!

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Good News Gardens is a national movement across The Episcopal Church! Visit this website to join the national movement, sign up for news, find resources, download shareable images and yard signs, and more.

What's happening now:

We just completed our 10-week Faith Formation Series and celebrated with an Evening of Sharing the Good News happening all around the commonwealth.

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Good News Gardens in Greenfield, MA
Good News Gardens in Greenfield, MA
Good News Gardens in Milford, MA
Good News Gardens in Milford, MA