Change the Babies

The Mampong Babies Home in the Diocese of Kumasi, Ghana

Change the Babies is a ministry created by the Rev. Betsy Fisher to support the children living at the Mampong Babies Home in Kumasi, Ghana. The Mampong Babies Home houses 20-30 infants whose mothers have died in childbirth. Many remain there four to five years until the family is able to care for them. The Babies Home has become a vital ministry in our companion diocese. Contact us to ask questions about the program or to sign on and get started!

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How it works:

1. Contact us at: and we'll send you stickers for the collection jar.

2. Communicate the purpose of the jar via bulletin, pulpit or announcements.

3. Designate someone on staff to collect the coins quarterly, if possible.

4. Please convert coins to cash and deposit in the parish account.

5. Please send a check to Diocesan House before January 1 with “Babies Home” in the memo.

6. The goal is to raise $1,500 annually, but no gift is too small.

From Betsy...

"Since we announced the Change the Babies program at Convention 2014, so many parishes have added this worthy cause to their list of fundraising efforts. We know there are so many people in need and resources go only so far. I am truly grateful for what your parish has done to help the Babies Home. No gift too small, no effort unappreciated, the Mampong Babies Home will be able to do so much for these precious children because the Church in Western Massachusetts has set its heart on this task. From one who has been there and seen their need, I thank you for making a difference in the lives of children you will never meet. May God bless you for the good you have done in Christ’s name."