Global Mission Committee

The Global Mission Committee seeks to empower, equip and encourage the people of the Diocese of Western Massachusetts in restoring all people to unity with God and each other in Christ in a global context.

Its charge is to foster connections, outreach, and projects that embody God’s love around the world through communication across the diocese and through grant-making, subsidy to mission trips, providing seed money, and funding of crucial components of mission. The focus is on animating relationships and engaging individuals and groups to carry Christ’s work beyond their usual horizons. The reach of mission should be beyond the boundaries of the United States, but may include territories of Native Americans and, newly, by resolution of the Diocesan Council, mission in service of resettlement of refugees/immigrants within the diocese. A listing of active and recent missions can be found here.

Should you be currently engaged in such an activity, wish to join with others in mission, or are moved by the holy spirit to initiate a project, please contact the committee at or fill out the application form below.

For first steps in discernment, some guidance may be found here and maybe some inspiration from the the testimony of your fellow followers-of-Christ in our diocese.